AT&T Revamps Unlimited Data Plans with Tethering, Lower Prices

Modesto Morganelli
Febbraio 28, 2017

With AT&T's original unlimited data plan, it decided not to include mobile hotspot, which was a unusual decision considering Verizon and T-Mobile offered it.

AT&T has special pricing for customers who bundle mobile plans with DirecTV or U-verse TV. Per the fine print, the credit excludes customers who signed up for the introductory, discounted, $35 per month version of the DirecTV Now "Go Big" plan. The second plan, Unlimited Choice, costs $60 per month on a single line.

Both AT&T Unlimited Plus and Choice come after the company offered its first round of unlimited data packages earlier in February.

Both AT&T's Unlimited Plus plan and Unlimited Choice plan include unlimited calls from the United States to Canada and Mexico and unlimited texting to over 120 countries. AT&T's plan, however, seemed a little anemic because it didn't offer wireless data tethering.

As with any plan, read the fine print and choose a carrier that works best in your area. Before the price cut and promotion, that combo would have cost $135 a month.

Naturally, the pricing schedule is increasingly complicated the more lines you pay for, but you can get four lines for $185 a month. AT&T is the latest to add an unlimited option to its lineup with its new "Unlimited Choice" plan. Two lines will cost you $115, three for $135, four for $155 and additional lines are $20 each up to ten lines total. This plan starts at $90 per month (for a single line), and AT&T gives you the option to add DirecTV Now video streaming for an additional $10 per month or DirecTV service for an added $25 month. Data speeds are without limitation, video is uncapped and can be streamed at HD quality on AT&T's mobile network, and users will have up to 10GB of data to use for tethering. In 2011, AT&T stopped offering unlimited data, instead shifting to metered billing plans. As for the Unlimited Choice plan, it offers SD (480p) and video streaming at a maximum of 1.5 Mbps. It's not really unlimited since they start throttling your connection if you exceed 22GB of data usage per line. AT&T has a unique position in the industry as a top three provider of both video and wireless in the US, a position no competitor matches (the closest being Verizon, with far few video subs).

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