Brock Osweiler's Contract & Salary With Browns

Paola Ditto
Marzo 12, 2017

And, upon closer inspection, it's a brilliant move for the Browns. Griffin, 27, signed a two-year, $15 million contract with the Browns last offseason. The first two years of the contract came with $37 million guaranteed. They had to get creative to clear him and his contract off the roster and upgrade the quarterback position, so they made the unusual trade with the Browns. The Texans said yes. Cleveland annoyed player agents with lowball offers, they accumulated draft picks, and Wednesday, they pulled off something previously unthinkable in the National Football League - they acquired a draft pick, essentially, for $16 million.

The Texans cut $10 million off their salary cap with the trade, which includes the acquisition of the Browns' 2017 fourth-round pick in exchange for their own sixth-round pick, per ESPN.

Redditor Crossfire912 noted that the Browns have a ton of cap space and are always trying to add to their stash of draft picks. The Browns are still apparently looking for a quarterback, and Garoppolo remains one of the most enticing options out there.

In other words, in a move straight out of the National Basketball Association, the Browns took on Osweiler's butt contract to land talented young assets.

Osweiler will be the first jettisoned before he ever played a game.

While Jerry Jones probably wouldn't want to see Romo playing in the same state as the Cowboys, he definitely would rather trade Romo than release him, and trading him to an AFC team would be all the better.

Cleveland has released Griffin and Josh McCown since the 2016 season ended. So if they think Garoppolo is their guy, they'll find a way to make it work - even if it means paying Osweiler $16 million to hold a clipboard.

Will the Houston Texans be able to pull off a trade deal to get the services of Tony Romo?

After what had to have been the worst season of his life, Brock Osweiler's year just got worse-he got traded to the Cleveland Browns. If there's any consolation for Osweiler, it's that he's still making plenty of money.

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