Mass Effect Andromeda receives a last minute patch on Xbox One

Rodiano Bonacci
Marzo 21, 2017

EA's Mass Effect: Andromeda will make its debut in the United States on March 21 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Various gifs of bad animation and weird facial expressions have taunted the game since its first gameplay reveal, and it seems like inner divisions between BioWare Montreal and BioWare Edmonton, two of the company's branches, along with employee purges, "bro culture", and conflicts between them, are to blame.

A few days ahead of Mass Effect: Andromeda's official release, EA launches the companion app for its upcoming game. I haven't been able to find more specific patch notes at this time, but the fixes as described by the same version update on the PlayStation 4 (via GamesRadar).

Most of the issues I discovered in my in-progress Mass Effect Andromeda review pertain to bad frame rate issues on certain planets and in certain areas, unusual character duplication bugs, and various glitches with animations and conversational sequencing. Exploring and building relationships is all well and good, but will the combat in Mass Effect: Andromeda deliver a critical hit or miss by miles?

Over all, I'm enjoying Mass Effect Andromeda, but it's clear that the switch to open world created a diffuse focus on quantity over quality. At least BioWare is hard at work improving the game.

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