'Monster Hunter' Release on Nintendo Switch is Happening, Teases Capcom Designer

Remigio Civitarese
Marzo 21, 2017

Before the launch of the console, Nintendo revealed a list of third-party developers who were planning to support the platform, and Capcom was listed as one of them.

This is obviously quite far from a confirmation, but Capcom would be silly not to - given that Nintendo has reportedly doubled up on its second run of Nintendo Switches from eight to 16 million, the demand is quite obviously there.

Still, "Monster Hunter Tri" was on the Wii while "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate" made it on the Wii U. It really isn't going to be very surprising to see the same thing with the Nintendo Switch and what better choice than porting and hopefully, enhancing "Monster Hunter XX" on the Nintendo Switch? At a recent conference in a Japanese Game Developer conference, Capcom has expressed interest in bringing the RE engine on the new console of Nintendo. There appears to be two main hurdles in the exercise: memory, alongside the Switch's two performance modes.

The RE engine is a game engine used in Resident Evil 7, which is embodied in a graphic that tries to show realistic photos.

Ijuin said he was still confident about it, though the work may actually be longer than expected, just because of the publisher's desire to create a stable engine in its entirety.

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