New GeForce drivers bring support for Mass Effect: Andromeda

Rodiano Bonacci
Marzo 21, 2017

Best Buy's GamersClub Unlocked is cheaper at $30 for 2 years, and gets you 20% off pre-order/new releases like Andromeda. You play the role of the son/daughter of the initiative's Pathfinder, meant to be the position that spearheads the development and discovery of these potentially habitable worlds.

You can, of course, accept. It's a decent enough setup that distances itself properly from the first three games, allowing newcomers a chance to jump on board with little to no baggage. However, if you found out that someone reviewed Andromeda after only playing the trial, or only playing 10 hours in general, you'd be pretty upset and for good reason. And that tutorial planet is, quite frankly, boring. Just select the appropriate OS and card model you have. Then maybe the Soldier profile is for you.

"I'm much more distracted by the texture pop-in that happens during conversations, where a character's face will go from looking like a blurry mess to having visible pores midway through a sentence".

Grab the latest Nvidia drivers and be ready for tomorrow's Mass Effect: Andromeda launch. But at least they're fun to watch!

Probably the last game I thought to myself that I would surely enjoy was Dead Rising 4. I ended up favoring the Explorer Profile, which is a ideal balance between the three, and provides strong bonuses across the board, but dedicated individual skillsets like Engineer and Adept gave huge bonuses to specific biotic or tech loadouts. The point is that even if Leost had been the lead animator on Mass Effect: Andromeda, the focus on her work has taken a backseat to the focus on her as a woman.

But how about the multiplayer?

Mass Effect Andromeda lead developer Frazier has confirmed that the transition between the multiplayer Strike Missions and the single player campaign will be seamless. If a game you bought isn't up to snuff, you're not married to it - you can get a refund. Each character also represents a special overall skill, which carries over to all characters once you build up enough experience.

As opposed to the huge, sprawling cast we'd grown fond of (to varying degrees) over the initial trilogy, Andromeda starts small, with six squad members and a handful of crewmembers on your new ship, the Tempest.

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