Philippines reorients from United States to Russian Federation

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Marzo 21, 2017

President Duterte has a very strong, positive image among Myanmar people and they believe that Filipinos are lucky to have someone like him who would lead the country, according to an accomplished writer in the Philippines who is now based here. "Why do you have to f*** with us, goddamn it?" But, at some point in time, he was unable to contain his frustration and cursed at the body of European lawmakers for their resolution.

A bloody drugs war has embroiled on the streets since, killing more than 7,000 people, with numerous dead suspected dealers and alleged drug addicts.

In the same speech, Duterte also questioned the Catholic concept of marriage, which propounds a union between a man and a woman with the sole intention of procreation.

Like the Myanmar leaders who were subject of a United Nations probe over human rights concerns on the Rohingya minority, Duterte has ignored the UN's expression of concern over extrajudicial killings in his administration's drug war. The Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have also warned Duterte may be overseeing crimes against humanity, with police allegedly running anonymous death squads. Duterte previously claimed Trump had praised his controversial methods of dealing with drug users and dealers, saying it was the "right way".

But in his speech, the president said he would continue with his campaign, and warned that many more people would be killed in the ongoing operation.

Noting that he has "nothing against Americans", Duterte said, "under the Trump administration, I will give all, whatever it is, short of military alliances". Lt Gen Werachon said the two sides will discuss drug suppression, cooperation between intelligence agencies, and solving problems in the restive areas of Mindanao, a southern city of the Philippines, where the armed group The Moro Islamic Liberation Front is based.

Duterte insisted he would not be cowed by warnings from foreigners that he may face prosecution over his drug war.

"Do not impose your culture or your belief in what would be a government in this planet", Duterte said.

'You stay where God assigned you. "That can't apply to us, because we are Catholics". Do not mix us all up'.

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