Gallup: Trump approval hits new low

Cornelia Mascio
Marzo 28, 2017

President Donald Trump's approval rating slid to a fresh low this weekend after Republicans' attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act failed in dramatic fashion, according to Gallup.

With the new rating, Gallup reports, Trump has dipped below the all-time lows of Presidents Obama (lowest: 38%), Clinton (lowest: 37%), and Ford (lowest: 37%).

Trump's first months as commander-in-chief have been mired in controversy, however, surrounding several failed campaign promises, his administration's ties to the Russian Kremlin and politically divisive items on his to-do list, like building a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border projected to cost $20 billion.

Trump's popularity took a particularly sharp nose-dive last week, when the president was throwing his weight behind an unpopular House health care bill, according to Gallup.

But compared to other presidents in Gallup's tracking poll at this same point in their presidency - 60 days into their administration - Mr. Trump's approval ratings are much lower. Even Ronald Reagan hit 35 percent in 1983 while overseeing a sluggish economy - one point below Trump's current approval rating - so there's still time for Trump to rebound in the public imagination.

The president registered his highest approval rating of 46 percent just days after his January 20 inauguration.

It remained unclear whether Trump's approval would continue to dip.

Gallup's poll comes just after Trump's failed efforts to move the American Healthcare Act through Congress.

But while ugly, Trump's unpopularity isn't unprecedented, either. A president can only be impeached if the Senate finds them guilty of "treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors", the Constitution states.

A petition was started the day of the inauguration to have Trump resign.

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