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Marzo 30, 2017

Also available in Nougat is a feature that protects Android users against clickjacking, which is a type of attack where users are tricked into granting apps permissions to do certain things on their devices that they never meant to grant. Google recently launched the first developer preview to its upcoming Android O. Along with this announcement, Google also further revealed all the features that the Android users can expect the same. The Pixel Launcher has been quite popular, and while there are ways to sideload it on your Android smartphone, it is always preferred to get it directly from Google!

Google launched the developer preview of Android Nougat 7.0 sometime in March previous year, just ahead of its I/O conference. Also, there are references to Wayland, a simple replacement for X, which played a significant role in porting Android apps to Chrome OS previous year. All of which makes being an Android dev complicated, and gives Google a lot to consider as it works on upgrades.

"The delivery of software updates to Android devices that aren't directly controlled by Google is a major issue,"Nathalie Maréchal, senior fellow with Ranking Digital Rights, told Consumer Reports".

Those who don't have the compatible phones mentioned above can still download the OTA update for Android 8.0 on Google's official Android Website. Neat. Developers can also set background colours for notifications.

Meanwhile, even apps that are not optimized for O will see performance and privacy changes. It's been overhauled and the first thing you'll notice is the Suggestions dropdown, giving you quick access to what Google nthinks you want to do next with your phone. It will now return a different identifier for different apps.

It's also worth keeping an eye on the kinds of permissions that individual apps require when you install them. The System UI tuner will now be added to the Settings app. Otherwise, notifications from that app will not appear. We know we can't cover everything because the version is still young but allow us to share them with you as shared by Khan. Khan talks about the new background limits on apps that will help improve battery life on Android O devices.

This means that autofill services will operate much like keyboard apps, which become an integral part of the phone's essential functions. But, according to Google, ransomware apps are so rare that you're more likely to be struck by lightning twice in your lifetime than your Android device becoming infected with ransomware.

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