Weightlifting: Transgender lifter Laurel Hubbard wins first worldwide outing

Brunilde Fioravanti
Marzo 30, 2017

The 39-year-old lifted 123kg in the snatch discipline, and then produced a clean-and-jerk lift of 145kg for a 268kg total - 19kg better than the second-placed competitor.

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Hubbard lifted a combined total of 590.9 pounds in the women's 198.4-pound division, besting the runner up by nearly 45 pounds. "We've got two categories here, it's been great that women can do the sport of weightlifting ... but I think we need to look at a decision where we can give people in this situation, have a category where everyone can compete on an even playing field".

Transgender Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard's first win in an worldwide competition has ruffled feathers across the Tasman.

Weightlifting New Zealand's Emma Pilkington said Hubbard was feeling "overwhelmed".

"That strength has remained with her, despite testosterone".

Tracey Lambrechs, who competed for New Zealand at the Rio Olympics last summer, dropped weight classes to avoid facing Hubbard, who would have taken Lambrechs's Olympic spot had she been ready to compete in the Olympic qualifying events past year. That's the way the politics...and what the New Zealanders have decided. The ICE only recognizes male or female as genders, therefore transgender women are seen as female.

A man, identifying as a transgender woman, recently dominated a female weightlifting competition, sparking debate on fairness in sports.

"It's hard when you don't believe you're in that situation and being in an even playing field", she said, according to 1 News Now.

Those competing directly against Hubbard also had concerns. I can't answer whether it's because she was born a man or not, because I'm not a doctor.

With this in mind, it is pretty clear that Hubbard's victory should be considered illegitimate. "They do not acknowledge in any way the gender identity of an athlete other than male or female; they're not described as transgender".

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