Brexit: UK to publish 'Great Repeal Bill' plan to replace EU laws

Cornelia Mascio
Aprile 8, 2017

The government white paper "lays out a pragmatic and principled approach to converting European Union law into United Kingdom law on the day we leave the European Union, giving businesses, workers and investors as much certainty as possible", Brexit Secretary, David Davis, told parliament.

French President Francois Hollande has told Theresa May that talks on future trade relations with the European Union must come after the negotiation of a divorce deal.

'It is my fierce determination to get the right deal for every single person in this country, ' she said. "Now that, I think, is a perfectly reasonable point to make and not in any sense a threat".

Davis said the European Court of Justice (ECJ) would have no future role in interpreting British laws, but that courts would be able to reference ECJ case law. The Sun, a pro-Brexit British tabloid newspaper, ran the front-page headline "Your money or your lives" the day after May's letter.

Britain is a European security powerhouse — one of only two nuclear powers in the bloc and with some of the world's most capable intelligence services.

The head of the European Union's executive says that President Donald Trump should stop applauding Brexit or backing the principle of EU defections - or else he will hit back.

"A big mistake that we could make from both sides is to start with launching threats to each other", he said.

"We know how valuable this partnership and enduring friendship between our two countries are", she said, in comments translated from German.

"Virtually all of them said spontaneously it's a very positive letter, the tone was good, and so on", he told GMB.

"I find the letter of Mrs".

European newspapers reported the serving of article 50, with a mixture of pain, puzzlement and predictions that the next two years of divorce negotiations could get nasty - especially, warn some papers, if the United Kingdom resorts to "blackmail" over security cooperation.

"It doesn't work like that", he told Sky News.

"It doesn't work like that - you can not use, or abuse, I should say, the security of citizens to have then a good deal on something else".

The British government triggered the two-year EU exit process Wednesday with May's letter to the EU and began outlining how it intends to convert thousands of EU rules into British laws in a Great Repeal Bill.

British businesses are concerned about the prospects of a post-EU economy, and Britain's bargaining power has already shown itself to be limited.

"The Brexit negotiations with the United Kingdom that the European Union will lead for us won't be easy - some people know the saying that. things will get hard before they get easier again - that applies to these talks", said Gabriel.

"It proposes a power to use delegated legislation to correct and thus, change, primary legislation", Starmer said.

However, Labour's shadow Brexit secretary argued the plans would hand the government "sweeping" powers. It says it is trying to balance "the need for scrutiny and the need for speed".

He said a significant proportion of existing European Union law will cease to work properly without changes being made.

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