Fast & Furious Writers Reveal Original Ending To Furious 7

Cornelia Mascio
Aprile 14, 2017

Beau also recently chatted with Fate of the Furious star Charlize Theron, posing for a selfie with her wearing a hat from The Footy Show.

The Fast and Furious film series when started was more grounded and confined to the overused word "family", with a street racing remake of 1991 classic Point Break.

The Fast and the Furious could have been very different. "And then this whole spiel about "lips don't lie".", she continued, before deadpanning: "I like a little bit more movement in my men".

Recently, there have been reports of tension between Vin and co-star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, 44. Accelerating speed and furiousness is pretty much a given when you've had eight tries at this.

The movie's trailers have shown that Vin Diesel's character - Dominic Toretto, has turned against his friends and family.

There is no extra scene after the movie ends.

But it's also there that Dom runs into the mysterious Cipher (Theron), who's got blackmail goods on her smartphone that forces him to go rogue (what could it be?). One need only look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe to see how hard it is to keep a novelty attraction feeling robust and original. Subsequent clashes in NY and Russian Federation continue to read as though Johnson left the set every time Diesel entered it, and I won't spoil the film's final beats except to say that in a crucial scene where most of the characters must converge, the tricks to keep the two men separate reach their high point: In any shot favoring Hobbs, Dom's back is to him, and in most shots favoring Dom, someone is obscuring Hobbs as he stands far in the background, facing away from camera so you can't tell it's just a stand-in. The series is popular worldwide and there are many fans of the franchise across the world.

When the film sticks to that hook, director F. Gary Gray ("Straight Outta Compton", "The Italian Job") delightfully serves up the best and worst of the franchise.

She's perhaps the weak link of this otherwise solidly silly slice of entertaining action, simply reprising her ice queen shtick from The Huntsman series and offering motives more in keeping with a Batvillain from the 1960s. Nobody and has roped in Scott Eastwood (yes, son of Clint) to operate as his apprentice.

(In Fast and Furious 6, Dom elaborates on this story, telling the amnesiac Letty about the time he almost killed her while showing off in a street race.) In Los Bandoleros, we learn that the pair were in Mexico together, but had been apart long enough for her to be surprised by how proficient his Spanish has become. I protected Dwayne more than he'll ever know.

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