Trump Bashes 'Super Liberal' Leading Georgia House Race On Eve Of Election

Remigio Civitarese
Aprile 18, 2017

Thompson won the advance ballots in last week's Kansas election but was swamped in Tuesday voting following an attack-ad blitz, funded by the National Republican Congressional Committee, in the final weekend of the campaign.

Cordes interviewed Ossoff and asked him if he understood just how important his election was to the Democratic base.

Bluestein: There are 11 Republicans in the race, but four have emerged as leading contenders: Karen Handel, Bob Gray, Dan Moody and Judson Hill.

Americans now trust Democrats over Republicans when it comes to dealing with immigration, 50 percent to 39 percent.

The primary includes 18 candidates — Republicans, Democrats and Independents. The surge in early voting here has only raised expectations that Ossoff could hit 50 percent Tuesday or do well in a runoff, which would be held June 20 if needed. Ossoff would face a much tougher task in a runoff, as support would likely coalesce around a Republican.

Meanwhile, most of the 11 Republican candidates in the race are hesitant to respond to voters' distaste for Trump.

As they did in a special House election last week in Kansas, where Republicans narrowly won a seat that has always been safely GOP, Democrats see, if not a chance at victory, at least a chance to rattle Trump and Republicans as they look toward 2018 and the possibility of winning back the chamber. Republicans have spent a lot of money to tear him down. But with Ossoff's huge fundraising from small donors across the country, the party hasn't needed to spend on television ads to keep him competitive. A line cook from a nearby Waffle House appeared, in his apron, offering "free waffles to Ossoff voters!" It would be another indication that Democrats are not the only party hobbled by a national identity crisis in the age of Trump.

Democrats think they've found an early test case for their theory: The special election in Georgia's 6th District. The district outside Atlanta has been solidly Republican for 25 years, but a Democratic newcomer, Jon Ossoff, is making a strong run for the seat. "Progressive websites push Democrats nationwide to give to Ossoff and they did". It is true that the Democratic Party should have put more resources into that election. The Republican vacated the seat in February to serve as Trump's secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Dan Moody and Judson Hill are the Republican candidates now garnering the most support. But this district was anything but a swing district - just months ago it was considered the safest of safe GOP seats. "We got stuck with Trump". Saxby Chambliss told BuzzFeed News.

He praises the grassroots organisers who he said are fuelling support for his campaign and those of other Democrats considering mounting challenges to Republicans in other states. Kansas Republicans owed much of their success over the past eight years to running against former President Barack Obama at all levels and that tactic is likely lost to them now that the Democrat is out of office, Beatty said.

The survey found that 39 percent of respondents approve of President Donald Trump's job performance while only 29 percent approve of the House Speaker, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Ted Cruz flying out for a rally, big national names have largely stay out of the Georgia race as well. In a period when certain elements on the left are increasingly focused on ideological purity, some are already girding for a runoff message that could fall afoul of liberal orthodoxies. Nearly 4 in 10 Democrats think their party is divided, almost certainly driven heavily by the same split that was obvious in the Sanders-Clinton fight.

So it's not a surprise that it took less than a week for two Democrats to declare their intent to run for the U.S. House seat held by Ed Perlmutter once the Democratic congressman made official his own bid for governor on April 9.

But Democratic leaders are optimistic that Trump and the anger he has stirred in voters will fundamentally change the dynamic next year, giving the party an unexpected chance to strike back at Republicans and make major gains in Congress.

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