USA says Iran could become another North Korea if left 'unchecked'

Cornelia Mascio
Aprile 20, 2017

Tillerson said the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers failed "to achieve the objective of a non-nuclear Iran and only delays their goal of becoming a nuclear state".

Tillerson said Trump had ordered a review led by the National Security Council to evaluate whether suspension of sanctions related to the nuclear deal was "vital to the national security interests of the United States". Don't miss Andrea Mitchell fretting that if the USA backs out of the Iran deal, rogue states like North Korea won't trust us.

Just a day after the White House admitted that Iran is holding up its end of the nuclear deal enacted under Barack Obama, the Trump administration is trying to pick a fight with the country.

"Iran's nuclear ambitions are a grave risk to worldwide peace and security", he said.

Tillerson said the Trump administration is reviewing the deal in light of these and other concerns. The agreement restricts Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for relief from global energy and financial sanctions.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed between Iran and world powers restricts its nuclear fuel enrichment for 10 years.

"During the [nuclear deal] negotiations", recalled Parsi in the Times, "Zarif told me numerous times that he was frustrated that Washington didn't recognize that the nuclear deal could be a base rather than the ceiling for American-Iranian relations".

Speaking to Sputnik Persian, Hamed Mousavi, a professor at the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Tehran, highlighted that Iran's nuclear agreement is an worldwide deal in the first place.

As if that were not enough, Tillerson continues to insist that Iran is sponsoring terrorism.

Asked if the White House was concerned that tougher sanctions on Iran could motivate it to violate the agreement, Spicer said: "We're well aware of any potential negative impacts that an action could have".

The response from Iran to Tillerson's harsh statements has been one of frustration.

In their first meeting, the EU's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke "at length" about terrorism, Russia, the Iran nuclear deal and Ukraine, the European Union said in a statement.

And the JCPOA gives Iran a reason not to try to make a nuclear weapon. The second is the extent to which Trump's administration will attempt to weaken Iran's position in the Middle East.

The nuclear agreement only delayed, but would not halt, Tehran's efforts to acquire a nuclear weapon, Tillerson said, warning Iran's "nuclear ambitions are a threat to the world's peace and security".

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has accused Iran of "alarming ongoing provocations" aimed at destabilising the Middle East and undermining America's interests in the region, a media report said.

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