Israel says Assad still has chemical weapons

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Aprile 21, 2017

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says London will most probably support Washington in the event of further missile strikes on Syria.

While we are all feeling a gut-level satisfaction that the USA finally bombed Syria - sending a message to Bashar al-Assad, whose brutal repressions turned peaceful protests in favor of greater democracy into a civil war that is destroying his country - two authoritative assessments examine the intelligence that concluded that Assad was responsible for the horrific sarin attack on April 4.

Earlier this month the USA fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase which was suspected of launching a chemical attack and they have threatened further action.

"It is my belief, though I stress no such decision has yet been taken, that were such a request to be made in future, were it to be a reasonable request in pursuit of similar objectives, then I think it would be very hard for the United Kingdom to say no", Johnson said.

The US airstrike this month was the first direct military action taken against President Assad by the US.

Boris Johnson told parliament that it would be "hard to say no" if the United States asked for military assistance in Syria.

"America's determined response creates an opportunity to break the deadlock and pave the way for a political settlement of Syria's tragedy", Johnson said, adding that Moscow should pursue the Syrian authorities to launch this process.

The Foreign Secretary has previously said there will be "no impunity" for the people responsible for the chemical weapons attack.

According to the United Nations, 11 million Syrians are missing or dead from the six year civil war.

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