Death Toll From Syria Car Bomb Rises To Over 100

Remigio Civitarese
Aprile 27, 2017

Madaya and Zabadani, which are predominantly Sunni, have been besieged since June 2015 by the Syrian army and fighters from Lebanon's Shia Muslim Hezbollah movement.A auto bomb has blasted a convoy of coaches carrying evacuees from government-held towns near Aleppo in Syria, reportedly killing 16 people.

Syrian state media said at least 39 were killed, including children.

A vehicle bomb in northern Syria killed more than 100 people Saturday when it ripped through buses evacuating residents from a besieged government town.

State TV showed horrific images of bodies strewn on the ground and near buses.

The evacuees were bound for regime-held parts of Aleppo. He said the area was walled off from all sides and there were no restrooms.

There has been no claim of responsibility for the attack.

Pro-government media in Damascus said the blast was caused by a suicide attacker detonating a auto bomb.

Abdul Rahman said he doesn't believe the Syrian regime is behind the attack.

A Madaya resident, speaking from the bus garage inside Aleppo, said people had been waiting there since late on Friday, and were not being allowed to leave.

Syria's population is mostly Sunni. According to AFP news agency, up to 5,000 government evacuees and 2,200 from rebel towns had been stranded in transit on Sunday.

Ahrar al-Sham force denied involvement, with a senior official tweeting: "Our role was to secure civilians not kill them".

The group says it is starting a probe into the cause of the attack, and said it is ready to cooperate with an worldwide investigation to determine who carried it out. Each were heading to areas controlled by forces friendly to them.

She said once many had gathered, there was an explosion that tore some of the children to pieces.

A major Syrian rebel group says many of its members were killed in a blast that hit an evacuation gathering point of government supporters, saying it will cooperate with an global probe to determine the culprits.

Abdurrahman and opposition activist Hussam Mahmoud, who is from Madaya, said the evacuation has been delayed.

The deal was brokered by Iran and Qatar, Agence France-Presse reported.

There are fears of revenge attacks on a convoy of evacuees from rebel-held towns, being moved under a deal.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres condemned Saturday's attack on a convoy of buses with evacuees in Syria, which left at least 70 people dead and about a hundred injured. The news service said the two were evacuated adding that their condition was "satisfactory". The absence of the United Nations and worldwide community from this process has left the civilian populations especially vulnerable, leading to horrific events such as what took place today.

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