Dylann Roof said death better than autism label

Rodiano Bonacci
Mag 12, 2017

The examiner, Dr. James C. Ballenger, has served as a clinical psychiatrist for more than 45 years and a psychiatric expert for more than 30, the report states.

"That is why preserving his reputation is the most important issue for him", Ballenger wrote. Authorities recently transferred him to an IN prison for federal death row inmates.

"He stated clearly that his situation is like a Palestinian in an Israeli jail after killing nine people".

"He stated that if his reputation was ruined, as he had stated to me in his previous examination, that his 'life would be ruined, '" Ballenger wrote.

U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel ruled Wednesday that Roof's conviction and death sentence for the June 2015 massacre at Emanuel AME church should stand.

The release of records came on the same day Gergel denied Roof's request for a new trial.

In his first appeal, Roof argued that his crime didn't fit the definition of interstate commerce needed to make a federal case because he bought the gun and bullets in SC and did not travel out-of-state to the church.

A jury convicted Roof on federal hate crime charges in December and then sentenced him to death. In a letter to prosecutors, Roof had complained that his defense attorneys had used "scare tactics, manipulation and outright lies" to further their agenda of using a mental health defense, which he opposed.

Newly released documents include a second competency evaluation performed on January 1.

The reports also described Roof's belief that he was going to be rescued by white nationalists, pardoned and receive a high position such as governor in the post-revolution government.

Dylann Roof told a judge he would rather face the death penalty for racist church killings than have his lawyers say he had autism in open court. Roof told Ballenger he stopped using marijuana when he was 16.

Ballenger concluded that there was no evidence Roof was incompetent to stand trial or that he had developmental disabilities or mental illness that significantly influenced his decision making. At one point, he told the psychiatrist he would even try to stab his lead attorney if his legal team tried to buck his wishes to present "no defense, evidence, or exhibits", documents state.

Ballenger reported that Roof went through the list of diagnoses and agreed that he suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, but that the two had a "small disagreement" about whether Roof had a mixed substance abuse disorder. "He stated that he had Avoidant Personality Disorder and disagreed with the Schizoid Personality Disorder because he had read the DSM-V Manual and read that magical thinking was part of the Schizoid Personality Disorder diagnosis". "He stated that we are in fact already or soon will be the minority", Ballenger wrote.

At his November 7 competency hearing, Roof took particular issue with experts' findings that he has autism.

"Your lawyers are trying to help you, Mr. Roof". "They are trying to marshal a defense for you". Roof said that would discredit his crime.

Ballenger's report states Roof claimed to have only two options: death and life in prison and that Roof considered both "equally bad".

"Because once you've got that label, there is no point in living anyway", Roof replied.

Instead, Roof anxious that he would offend black people in the courtroom if he presented the defense he preferred: that his crime was a purely racist act.

He told the psychiatrist he felt he couldn't win no matter where he fixed his gaze.

"When he did stare at witnesses, the press commented that it was not right for him to look at victims". "He stated that he feels it is not right for him to look at the victims because 'I killed their son, ' etc. but if he looks down, he is also criticized for that". He allegedly told people he had stopped using marijuana because it caused him to be paranoid and hear voices. He also noted that he found his notoriety "funny" and "somewhat enjoyable", Ballenger wrote. The report reveals extensive details involving Roof's past, including his drug and criminal history, and his admittance that he has "all kinds of anxiety". During that time, he was "transiently suicidal".

Ballenger went on to write that the elder Roof's ex-wife told the Federal Bureau of Investigation in July 2015 that Roof "sang a very offensive rap song about 'n--' when he was 21 years old at the urging of his father".

"I get that", Roof replied. "Because they don't have anything else to use".

"Why would I be sorry for what I planned and did?" 'You don't feel sorry for people that you don't identify with'.

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