'Bloody rude' Juncker could force United Kingdom to quit Brexit talks, claims Farage

Modesto Morganelli
Mag 17, 2017

He also said that he had no intention of ending up without an agreement with London on the terms of Britain's departure in 2019, and hoped to reach a deal that was in collaboration with Britain, rather than negotiate against it.

"I don't know, Mr Juncker, whether this is how you carry on in Luxembourg", he said.

"I rarely agree with Marxists, but perhaps Mr. Varoufakis is right when he says about negotiating with the EU, 'It is a technocracy that is desperately clinging onto its own exorbitant and illegitimate power, '" he said.

"The UK must be aware that any free trade agreement will have to ensure a level playing field and encompass safeguards against unfair competitive advantages", Tusk told MEPs at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

Brexit campaigner and former leader of the UK Independence Party (Ukip), Nigel Farage, attempted to hit back by criticising the EU for allegedly leaking information from the dinner meeting between UK prime minister Theresa May and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Juncker, who leads the European Union's executive arm, said Britain's 27 EU partners will stay united during the two-year Brexit talks to be steered by the bloc's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier.

Mr Farage also claimed Mr Juncker looked "a bit silly" for belittling the importance of the English language given that 90% of the songs performed in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday were sung in English.

"I doubt it, because in any part of the civilised world, frankly, that behaviour would be considered to be bloody rude".

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's Brexit co-ordinator, mocked Mrs May's "strong and stable" election slogan.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Bundestag last week: 'A third-party state, and that's what Britain will be, can not and will not have at its disposal the same rights, or be in a better position than members of the European Union.

"Well, I'll tell you something, your attempt to bully the Brits through this negotiation is not working - 68% now of the British people want Brexit to happen. I think that Brexit played an important role in this".

"Either we get some grown-up, reasonable demands from the European Union or the United Kingdom will be forced to walk away before the end of this year".

European Council president Donald Tusk also insisted the conduct of the talks must "show the European Union at its best", adding this involves "unity, political solidarity and fairness towards the United Kingdom".

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