Social media abuzz as flying insects swarm part of London

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Mag 17, 2017

Video of Tuesday's bee invasion in the suburb of Greenwich, in the United Kingdom capital's south east, was posted on social media by a local shop owner, reports the Evening Standard.

Abigail Hering, who runs the nearby Beadoir jewellery shop, posted footage of the spectacle on Twitter, describing it as "absolutely crazy".

Videos show people on the street watching the scene while others were trying to escape the bees.

She said she could initially hear an "underlying hum", adding: 'It was just literally swarming, above the cars around the one way system'.

She added: 'When I left work, I went to walk towards my vehicle, they were on the traffic lights. Millions of them on the traffic lights.

The swarm stayed for at least an hour, with onlookers shocked at the "hideous" sight, she said. And then at that point they'd come lower so they were actually buzzing around the people. They were on me.

Authorities called in a professional beekeeper who used a portable hive to capture the swarm.

He said: "Nobody was stung here today". People did get a bit nervous, and they were quite concerned understandably, ' he said.

'They're very calm and very docile when they're swarming, ' he said.

Asked about how common a swarm of this kind is, Mr Clarkson said: "At this time of the year it's quite common, but it is rare to get them to land on such things as traffic lights".

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