Substantial gains for Tories in the west of the region

Cornelia Mascio
Mag 17, 2017

The Conservatives will win a healthy - but not an overwhelming - majority in the general election, an analysis of the results found.

Cllr Truelove wondered if, with a general election around the corner, voters would be less inclined to vote "politically" in the local elections, instead focusing more on the quality of the local candidate than they perhaps would have done had Theresa May not called a snap vote for June 8.

Prime Minister Theresa May's party gained more than 300 extra council seats and at least two mayoralties in England, mostly benefiting from UKIP losses.

Labour won five seats, down one; while UKIP lost all 10 of the seats it secured in 2013.

"I am disappointed at every Labour defeat in the local elections", Corbyn said, adding, "It is a challenge on an historic scale".

The Tories have gained massive ground from the UKIP and Labour but the party has chosen to strike a note of caution to prevent its prospective MPs becoming too complacent in the general election campaign.

The Tories put in a strong showing in the elections, making gains in Scotland and Labour heartlands.

Opinion polls suggest May has a runaway lead in the national election of around 20 percentage points, which could give her over a 100 more seats in parliament.

The Conservatives made sweeping advances across the United Kingdom, gaining more than 500 councillors, winning tightly-fought battles for elected mayors in the West Midlands and Tees Valley and forcing Labour into third place in its former stronghold of Scotland.

The Conservative party is now in charge of 11 more councils having taken Derbyshire from Labour as well as Warwickshire, Lincolnshire, Gloucestershire, the Isle of Wight and Monmouthshire - all of which were previously under no overall control.

UKIP won a surprise victory in the area taking the seat from Labour.

Labour did win mayoral contests in the northern English cities of Doncaster, Liverpool and Manchester, but lost the race in the West Midlands area around Birmingham to Conservative Andy Street by just 4,000 votes. "We knew it was going to be a hard night".

Al Jazeera's Barnaby Phillips, reporting from Westminster, said it was striking that the Conservatives had made gains in Scotland, pushing Labour - once the dominant political force in Scotland - into third place, behind the Scottish National Party and the Conservatives.

It became clear early on that the Conservatives were set to be the big winners in the local elections.

Despite a touted resurgence from the Lib Dems, Tim Farron's party failed to make any real gains and lost more than 40 seats.

Most of Thursday's gains for the Conservatives came at the expense of Labour.

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