Android Go is Google's Latest Venture for Chasing the Next Billion Users

Rodiano Bonacci
Mag 18, 2017

The kickoff keynote, starting at 1 PM ET, will doubtlessly feature a whole bunch of news about the latest apps and gadgets. There are a lot of interesting products getting unveiled by Google there.

Perhaps the biggest feature for YouTube Go is that it will allow users to download videos for offline viewing later if they are near a Wi-Fi connection. One new feature called Google Play Protect scans apps to look for malicious code, Burke said. Google is also adding new skills to the assistant, incorporating its "lens" tool, which lets people point their cameras at things to get more information about them. The Pixel devices were the first to get this feature, but now almost all Android devices have the ability to use Google Assistant. You can soon use Spotify's free music offering, as well as Soundcloud and Deezer, with Google Home.

The company also announced a machine-learning visual assistant, called Google Lens. Google believes its assistant can get people what they want more quickly because it draws upon the knowledge that the company has accumulated while running the world's most popular search engine. Chrome for Go will ship with Data Saver enabled by default, and in the dropdown menu will show how many MBs of data are saved since a specific date. The modern part of this equation is that Google Photos can create these books on its own, gathering your best shots and suggesting that perhaps you'd like a nice keepsake of that Halloween or housewarming party you had? Google Lens will initially be rolled out to Google Assistant and Google Photos in the coming weeks. The play store that will be available on Android Go will also highlight apps that the developers have finetuned for it. So you'll be able to ask it about a certain place, for example, and then just say "Let's go' and it will send navigation instructions, through Google Maps, to your phone - be that an iPhone or Android". Additionally, Pichai said, Google is working on AutoML, a new software that uses neural networks to build other neural networks.

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