China Media Says US Should Take Blame for Cyber Attack

Paola Ditto
Mag 19, 2017

It said "computer hardware and software that can no longer be supported should be replaced as a matter of urgency". So far there have been no reports of New Zealand government computers being hit.

This story doesn't feel too surprising. The Ransomware virus had stopped vehicle factories, hospitals, shops and schools in over 75 countries."The Ransomware virus is a virus that affects computer systems and locks up the files on your computer and encrypts them in a way that you can not access them anymore", said Harinder Singh Sekhon, in-charge, cyber cell.He added, "Ransomware is a programme that gets into your computer only by downloading and it will ask you to pay ransom in Bitcoins". If you perform regular backups, you won't have to worry about ransomware.

Over the last few days, the global ransomware attack WannaCry infected computers running on older versions of Microsoft operating systems like XP, locking access to files. "It is very hard to hold software manufacturers accountable for flaws in their products".

Microsoft released a patch for XP on Friday that addressed the exploit.

Once the company became aware of the WannaCry flaw, it was quick to release a patch back in March. "But that doesn't mean we're not also constantly looking for signs whether or not another nation-state or criminal network has actually found that same vulnerability and now are using it".

Businesses that failed to update their Windows-based computer systems, making them vulnerable to the massive WannaCry ransomware attack over the weekend, could face lawsuits over their lax cybersecurity, claim legal experts. This is exactly what happened within the NHS. And the software is already inspiring imitators, as the Bleeping Computer site reports.

The most likely reason that out-of-date systems are still being used is the cost of upgrading them.

India is on high alert, monitoring critical networks across sectors like banking, telecom, power and aviation to ensure that systems are protected against possible cyberattack on its vital networks by the crippling global ransomware, 'WannaCry'. A modified version of the exploit was used to carry out the ransomware attack that hit machines in more than 150 countries, including those at hospitals and major corporations.

There are a number of tools publicly available to limit the spread and the impact of further cyber security attacks. "They still have the government's tools, and they want to make money off of it". "It time for India to come up with national cyber security law which can actually go ahead and define what is going to be the roles, duties and responsibilities of various stakeholders", cyber expert Pawan Duggal told.

The state government had tied up with a cyber security company to start a two-day statewide helpline that will guide people who fall prey to cyber crimes or have any queries about them. Often they don't even have the awareness that there's a problem to begin with. Still, he said, "Microsoft needs to admit that the 20th century is over, it's a much more hostile environment, and that hobbling the NSA won't make us any safer".

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