Deadline to register to vote draws close

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Mag 19, 2017

Voters are being advised to check that they are registered to vote in the election, on June 8, and to check whether they will need to cast their vote in a different way during the holiday season.

You do not need to do this if you were registered to vote at the European Union referendum, and you have not changed address.

Unlike the March Assembly Elections which in which the Single Transferable Vote system was used, the Westminster poll is first-past-the-post.

More than one million applications to register to vote have been made since Theresa May called the election in April - with nearly a third from people aged under 25, and just 1% from people over 75.

But who can register to vote and how do you do it? Ask them to vote on 8th June. Make sure you return them before this date in the envelopes that are provided.

"This election is an opportunity to have your say on who will represent the people of the Isle of Wight at a national level". Emma Hartley, Head of Campaigns at the Electoral Commission, said: "Our research indicates that recent home movers in particular are less likely to be registered to vote".

You can register to vote at through an online form, which usually takes around five minutes to fill out. Often people think that applying to pay council tax means you are added to the electoral register too, but that is not the case.

Forgetting for a second that we have a lightweight 307 subscribers and only occasionally upload videos, YouTube got in touch with us to ask us to enlighten our audience about the upcoming UK General Election.

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