Melania Trump to join president for first foreign trip

Rodiano Bonacci
Mag 19, 2017

When Trump touches down in Saudi Arabia this weekend for the start of his first foreign trip, he'll become the first-ever president to pick the Middle East for their maiden journey.

The US-Saudi Arabian Business Council (USSABC) has predicted that the upcoming visit by US President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia this weekend will further boost the existing bilateral trade relations between the two countries.

On an official website, a countdown clock is ticking away ahead of a joint Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh - an event the Saudis hope will reassert their primacy as a lead actor in the Middle East.

The kingdom backs efforts to topple the Syrian government, which considers Iran and Russian Federation as its closest allies. She will also take part in a meeting with the Pope.

We discuss the significance of choosing Saudi Arabia as Trump's first foreign destination and what is on the agenda during that visit.

"This (new) administration comes in and ... says, "No, wait a minute, Iran is active", the official said, referring to Gulf states' views of Iran's involvement through proxies in regional conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen.

The president will stop first in Saudi Arabia, where he will meet with the leaders of more than 50 Muslim nations.

"We share a very, very large amount of intelligence with the United States and vice versa", Al-Jubeir said.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman has ruled out any dialogue with Iran, framing the tensions in sectarian terms and accusing Iran of trying to "control the Islamic world".

"There will be employment in both, there will be investments on both sides and you will see it when the deals are announced. that there are significant investments on both sides", Al-Jadaan said. On the day of the concert, Trump is expected to deliver a speech about Islam. His wife, Melania, will dine with members of the royal family, while Mr Trump will engage with young Saudis on Twitter, their favourite medium.

He said Trump's message will be that the battle is not one of religion or culture but "good versus evil". It is at this event where Trump is scheduled to make his address. In addition to the alcohol ban, unrelated men and women are segregated in public. "Saudis would be signing for making Dollars 200 billion of investment in the United States which would create a lot of jobs", said a senior administration official involved in planning of the major presidential trip. "Just think of how long it takes to shake people by the hand".

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