Shadow Brokers Threaten To Unleash More Hacking Tools

Remigio Civitarese
Mag 20, 2017

Yet, we could not and should not believe anything the group says only because they posted it on a blog. Is being like wine of month club. It also claims to have exploits for web browsers, routers, smartphones, data from the global money transfer network SWIFT and "compromised network data from Russian, Chinese, Iranian, or North Korean nukes and missile programs". The gang says that potential buyers would have to pay the subscription fee the data is locked behind but, other than that, practically everyone could buy it and used it for whatever purposes, terrorist organizations included.

What is more interesting is the fact that one of the countries the group tried to sell data to is Korea, which puts the theory of North Korea being behind the WannaCry attacks under serious doubt.

A spokesman for the group, which calls itself Shadow Brokers, claimed in a blog post on Tuesday that some of those computer bugs may be released on a monthly basis, as part of a new subscription-based business model that attempts to mimic what has proven successful for companies such as Spotify, Netflix, Blue Apron and many more.

The so-called Shadow Brokers, who claimed responsibility for releasing NSA tools that spread the WannaCry ransomware through the NHS and across the world, says it has a new suite of tools and vulnerabilities in newer software.

Spokesperson from Microsoft has already said that they will be preparing a response for this claim from the hacking group. Microsoft had actually made a patch for this WannaCry vulnerability in March 2017 and rolled it to users but not many installed it.

National security journalist Marcy Wheeler has suggested that Shadow Brokers' recent claims of a new Windows 10 exploit might be a deliberate attempt to inflame tensions between Microsoft and the U.S. government.

In her analysis of the Shadow Brokers' threat, independent security researcher Marcy Wheeler wrote that "simply by threatening another leak after leaking two sets of Microsoft exploits, Shadow Brokers will ratchet up the hostility between Microsoft and the government". Microsoft president and chief legal officer Brad Smith said earlier this week the WannaCry attack used elements stolen from NSA cyber warfare operations.

Apparently, Shadow Brokers have already tried to sell information to several multinational companies, countries, and worldwide organizations, including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the UN, Microsoft, Apple, and Google, but none of them was interested in that kind of purchase.

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