Blake Shelton loves having Gwen Stefani by his side

Brunilde Fioravanti
Mag 24, 2017

While Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani have announced their departures from The Voice, fellow judge Shelton refuses to buy it. Country star Blake Shelton has revealed he loves having Gwen Stefani by his side.

Meanwhile, viewers will not witness anymore the sweetness of Shelton and Stefani's cute moments on The Voice.

Gwen Stefani documented the whole thing on Instagram. I'd love to come back. Although he and the rest of the team will have to bid farewell to the two female stars, the country crooner confirmed that Stefani and Keys will ultimately come back to the NBC show in the future seasons. "I've looked ahead on the script and Alicia, they have her coming back", Shelton said. And he certainly needed that boost, as Shelton has previously suggested that Stefani needs professional help for dating a guy like him.

The blonde songstress came to The Voice Season 7 and also appeared on Season 9 and 12.

Blake Shelton gushed that it's "unbelievable" just "being in the vicinity of her", and opened up that Gwen Stefani builds up his ego.

"Oh my God, at some point, it kinda builds your ego up when you walk into a room with Gwen", he admitted. But also it's a crashing blow to your ego when you realise all the cheers and people shouting at you.

"You realize it's not you, it's her!" But it's still exciting at the same time.

Nonetheless, Blake Shelton can't seem to get enough of his girlfriend. "Neither one of them can stop talking". I don't want them to succeed. "I don't blame 'em". "We love Gwen", Keys added before joking, "Hopefully Gwen can replace [Blake]".

"If anything, they would be even more understanding of what the artists are going through and experiencing, having gone through it themselves and being very successful", she said of the American Idol veterans. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are slowly approaching their two-years-together milestone, as the lovebirds hit it off in November 2015.

The two had been dating for almost a year by the time the interview aired.

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