Britain may be heading for hung Parliament

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Giugno 1, 2017

YouGov stressed that was just one possible result of its research, which is based on a mix of polling and demographic modeling.

The findings are a stark contrast to the predictions of a massive Tory landslide when Conservative leader Theresa May announced plans for a general election in April.

The pound dropped to the lowest in five weeks on Wednesday as investors reassessed the election that a month ago looked set to produce an overwhelming majority for May.

Nonetheless, this morning's poll points to the sense of uncertainty ahead of an election that was supposed to be a procession to a greater Conservative victory.

The pound fell to a one-month low against the USA dollar Wednesday after a one of the countries biggest pollsters forecast a hung parliament in next week's United Kingdom elections. The reversal in the market for Sterling sentiment has come swiftly as we approach the June 8th election and the Pound has weakened more than 4% against the Euro with many banks warning over further losses to come.

YouGov have admitted there is a wide margin for error with their projection model with their results possibly indicating also as few as 274 Torie seats or as high as 345.

"I've been taking Jeremy Corbyn on directly week in and week out at Prime Minister's Questions" in the House of Commons, she said.

According to the constituency-by-constituency poll, on June 8 the Tories can expect a total of 310 seats - 16 short of a majority - while Labour would scoop 257. It is therefore no surprise that many UKIP voters have switched to the Tories' side, in particular since the Tories brought up the Brexit referendum and now also represent this voter segment.

The pollster said the approach was used during the European Union referendum and consistently showed voters backed Leave. However the Labour leader has unequivocally ruled out a deal with the SNP and Nicole Sturgeon who infamously swallowed up the Labour majority in Scotland in the 2015 election. YouGov used a model which analysed data from around 50,000 panellists interviewed on their voting intention over the course of a week.

But opinion polls have showed the gap between the Conservatives and Labour closing.

ICM pollster, whose firm gave the Tories a 12-point lead this week, said the decision by the Times to put the story on its front page was "even braver than YouGov doing it in the first place".

Sensing the momentum, Corbyn tried to shift the debate away from Brexit on Wednesday by going on the attack on public services, traditionally one of Labour's strong cards.

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