Sea lion pulls girl from pier in Richmond, British Columbia

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Giugno 1, 2017

The sea lion suddenly jumped out of the water to grab a girl sitting on the pier by her dress and drag into the water.

The incident took place in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, over the weekend, when onlookers were observing a wild sea lion that was hanging around, close to the wharf. "If her family wants to get in touch with the Vancouver Aquarium we can pass on more information".

The moment of the crime.

Robert Kiesman, who is the chairman of the Steveston Harbour Authority, accused the girl's parents of putting their daughter in harm's way with their "reckless behavior".

And seriously, after watching that, who can blame them? Dan Carlin was posing for a picture with a yellowtail fish he had caught when the sea lion bit into his hand and pulled him overboard, the TV station reported.

The video, posted to YouTube by Michael Fujiwara, has already garnered more than eight million views since Saturday.

Now, the head of the Canadian port says the blame should be put on the girl's family for the incident, not the sea-lion.

Fujiwara said he goes to the dock regularly but has never seen anything like what he captured in the video.

It begins with the sound of cameras clicking and onlookers marvelling at the size of a California sea lion that people are feeding.

A sea lion, like the one pictured here, attacked a young girl at a wharf in Vancouver, grabbing her and dragging her into the water in a matter of seconds.

He said feeding a sea lion is analogous to approaching a bear with food.

"These are animals that are hunters", Boehm said Sunday.

"It initially jumped up to the girl to read her I guess", Fujiwara told the CBC.

Certainly when animals are habituated to being around people, and the sea lion looked like he had no fear, the best thing for animals is not to trust their intentions are good.

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