Trump to announce decision on global climate deal on Thursday

Cornelia Mascio
Giugno 1, 2017

Since taking office on January 20, however, Trump has sent contradictory signals on the Paris deal - reflecting the different currents within his administration, on climate change but also on the wider issue of the United States' role in the world and their relation to multilateralism.

A White House official told the Associated Press that there might be "caveats in the language" that Trump uses to announce the US withdrawal from the accord, leaving open the possibility that the decision is not final.

But Trump's plan to follow through on a campaign pledge to withdraw from the Paris accord, agreed on by almost 200 countries in 2015, is now dominating, diplomats said.China, which overtook the United States as the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in 2007, is ready to support the European Union, despite tensions on other issues from human rights to trade, according to China's ambassador to the EU, Yang Yanyi."China and the EU need to steadfastly adhere to the Paris agreement", Yang said in a written briefing to reporters. But the official cautioned that no decision was final until the president announced it, it added.

Tesla's CEO and one of Trump's business advisory councils Elon Musk tweeted Wednesday afternoon that he has done all he can to advise directly to the president and through others in the White House to go through with the climate deal.

Shortly after the reports emerged on May 31, Trump tweeted: "I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days".

Nancy Pelosi says Trump is "denying scientific truths, removing safeguards that protect our health and our environment, protecting polluters and. threatening our national and global security".

If it withdraws from the Paris Agreement, the USA will join Nicaragua and Syria as non-participating parties. He has called global warming a hoax aimed at hurting the US economy.

The the world's second largest emitter of carbon, following only China.

Axios news outlet, which first reported the withdrawal, said details of the pullout are being worked out by a team that includes EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, an ally of fossil fuel industries.

If Trump decides to withdraw from the accord, Musk said he "will have no choice but to depart councils" from Trump.

The pact was the first legally binding global deal to fight climate change.

"We wish to work with the European Union to strengthen our communication and practical cooperation in climate change", Hua said.

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune said Trump had ceded the United States' role in directing climate change efforts to countries like China and India.

To discuss the possibilities of the USA leaving the Paris Climate accord, CGTN's Elaine Reyes spoke with Tao Zhang, managing director of the green innovation and investment firm, Dao Ventures.

These policies have made it highly unlikely that the United States could honor its Paris pledge to sharply cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Cohn, the Trump economic adviser, also said last week that the president's views "are evolving".

And for us Latinos and Latin Americans in general, the weakening of the agreement would have especially disastrous consequences.

During Trump's maiden foreign trip last week, a number of European leaders sought to persuade Trump of the magnitude of the climate change crisis and the importance of American leadership to address it.

A withdrawal by the United States from the Paris climate deal would be disappointing but the European Union stood ready to take global leadership on this issue, the European Commission said on Wednesday.

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