United Nations chief: Climate action 'a necessity

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Июня 3, 2017

"It is absolutely essential that the world implements the Paris agreement".

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed that both the One World Trade Center and the Kosciuszko Bridge to be lit green in solidarity.

The letter is signed "Your Nordic Friends" and urges Trump "to show global leadership - and to make the right decision".

The Paris Agreement was adopted by 196 parties in Paris in 2015 and it went into effect in November.

"Many times I've made the argument that climate action actually creates jobs and creates growth, which is what the United States want, what Canada wants - it's what every country wants". "The United States does something and then we get China to do more, we get India to do more, we get Europe to do more and we benefit from all of those actions as well".

CBS News confirmed the report, saying Trump had told allies he would be pulling out of the deal.

"At the same time, we will continue to resolutely be a protector and promoter of the global climate system process, proactively participating in the multilateral climate change process", Hua said.

"In the end, Senator Enzi still sees the Paris Climate Agreement as a bad deal for America", he said.

"Developed nations - particularly the US and Europe - are responsible for the lion's share of past emissions, with China now playing a major role", said Rutgers University climate scientist Jennifer Francis.

Pence introduced Trump in the Rose Garden Thursday.

Skoog says a withdrawal would damage US "ambitions in other multilateral negotiations and their work in the United Nations". A White House official said the couple instead attended service at synagogue for the Jewish holiday of Shavuot.

Once in power, Trump and Pruitt have moved to delay or roll back federal regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions while pledging to revive long-struggling USA coal mines. He said that even though "it looks like that attempt failed". the "law is the law".

Junker spoke Wednesday in Berlin.

The Kremlin says Russian Federation is committed to the Paris climate change accords. "Any new global climate agreement should be ratified by the U.S. Senate, as outlined in the Constitution". Trump himself kept everyone in suspense, saying he was still listening to "a lot of people both ways".

The Paris climate deal calls on countries to combat climate change and to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low carbon future, and to adapt to the increasing impacts of climate change. However, others on Trump's team are pushing him to withdraw, something he promised to do as a candidate.

But Merkel, whose country hosts this year's worldwide climate summit, said it was now time to look ahead.

Gutteres never mentioned the American leader by name in his speech at New York University's Stern School of Business, his first major address on climate change since taking the reins of the United Nations on January 1. The official says Trump and his aides are looking at "caveats in the language" related to the exit.

A USA withdrawal would deepen a rift with US allies and put the United States in the same league as Syria and Nicaragua as the world's only non-participants in the landmark 195-nation accord agreed upon in Paris in 2015.

NY and California have already pledged to combat climate change without the Trump administration's support.

Putin is meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi later on Thursday.

Building suspense about America's role in the world, President Donald Trump planned to announce Thursday whether the US would stay in a global climate pact. The reason is three-fold: Climate change is undeniable.

"A stunning abdication of American leadership and a grave threat to our planet's future". Appealing to Trump's businessman's sensibilities, they argued the administration could secure better terms for United States companies by remaining involved. "They're going to make their own decision, but we all need to be moving forward".

"That is where true change will be achieved", he said.

Trump could decide as early as this week whether the United States will remain in the historic Paris Agreement, which reflects a voluntary commitment by the world's governments to reduce their carbon emissions.

Many said because of cheap natural gas that displaces coal and growing adoption of renewable energy sources, it is unlikely that the USA would stop reducing its carbon pollution even if it abandoned the accord, so the effect would likely be smaller.

"In order to fulfil my solemn duty to protect our citizens, the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord".

"But even if the government decides to leave the Paris agreement, it's very important for USA society as a whole - the cities, the states, the companies, the businesses - to remain engaged".

In television interviews the morning after Trump's announcement, Vice President Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway, a senior White House aide, defended Trump's decision as a reassertion of America's sovereignty.

Top executives are lobbying for the White House to stay in the Paris Agreement.

Trump said Wednesday he would announce his final decision on whether to exit the Paris climate agreement "very soon".

C2ES, an NGO, said it would run full page ads in Thursday's New York Times and Wall Street Journal that feature 25 U.S. companies urging the president to make a last minute decision to stay inside the Paris accord "for the good of the economy". Some of his aides have been searching for a middle ground in an effort to thread the needle between his base of supporters who oppose the deal for fear it will hamper USA economic growth and those warning that a US exit would deal a blow to the fight against global warming as well as to worldwide US leadership.

"Pulling out of Paris is the biggest thing Trump could do to unravel Obama's climate legacy". The official, who is involved in preparing the meeting between European Union officials and China's premier, was not authorized to speak publicly and discussed the matter on condition of anonymity because the meeting statement was not finalized.

Almost 200 nations agreed in 2015 to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What is not yet clear is whether Trump plans to initiate a formal withdrawal from the Paris accord, which under the terms of the agreement could take three years, or exit the underlying United Nations climate change treaty on which the accord was based. A White House official said earlier in the day the USA would withdraw from the pact.

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