Clinton hits Trump for using 'tragedy and terror for political gain'

Brunilde Fioravanti
Giugno 6, 2017

US President Donald Trump renewed his criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan Monday, in the second such condemnation in less than 48 hours since a terror attack in the British capital.

THE MAYOR OF London Sadiq Khan has suggested that the United Kingdom revoke U.S. president Donald Trump's invitation for a state visit in light of the terror attack on London at the weekend. During the US presidential election campaign, Khan was among many people who spoke out against Trump's proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States, an idea he said would play into the hands of extremists.

After several repeated questions from journalists, Prime Minister Theresa May suggested at a campaign event that Trump had been wrong to criticise the mayor.

"I think Sadiq Khan is doing a good job and it's wrong to say anything else - he's doing a good job", she said, despite the pair being from opposite political parties.

The White House on Monday defended President Donald Trump's tweets targeting London Mayor Sadiq Khan, saying that he was not trying to cause trouble with Khan.

The Trump administration last week formally asked the Supreme Court, the highest court in the USA, to allow the ban to take effect, arguing that restricting immigration by refugees and visitors from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen is necessary to protect us national security.

The president spent much of the weekend responding to the attack on Twitter.

Khan was interviewed early this morning on the BBC's Breakfast News show, and was asked directly whether President Trump was welcome in the city.

"The point is, there is a reason to be alarmed".

President Trump has hurled more insults at London's mayor, Sadiq Khan. "He doesn't know me, never met me, doesn't know what I am all about", he said.

Shortly after Sunday's third tweet, Trump left the White House and was driven to his private golf club in Northern Virginia.

She accused the media of putting "spin" on the issue.

"I don't see that the president is picking a fight with the mayor of London at all", said deputy press secretary, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. "We have constant attacks going on, not just there, but across the globe, and we have to start putting national security and global security at an all-time high", she said.

Suhaib Webb - an imam who leads Center DC, which has a large online youth following - said he is angry that the president and those close to him are "quick to pull the trigger on anything that has to do with Islam or involves a person of color".

Trump also found himself in hot water over his tough-talking tweets defending his ban on travelers from several Muslim countries, which is now stalled in the federal courts. At a time when even the most callous people recognized this was an occasion for unrestricted sympathy and support, Trump stood alone among world leaders in his utter lack of compassion.

The Trump administration Thursday appealed to the Supreme Court to review and reinstate the travel ban, hoping the court will overturn lower-court rulings that have stalled the executive order from being implemented. "He is wrong about his travel ban on Muslims, and he is wrong about many other things".

In a January 31 press briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the president's executive order is "not a travel ban".

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