Apple Has Paid App Developers More Than $70 Billion

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Giugno 10, 2017

There have been rumors about Apple making a smart speaker. It would also integrate with Apple's ecosystem, so you should be able to control HomeKit-capable smart home devices.

Unfortunately, the level of development that the Siri Speaker went through is not yet enough for Apple to release a smart home speaker with a touchscreen. That is all well and good, but having a diversified portfolio of products could help Apple get by on a rainy day, should that day ever come, and one sector the company is reportedly expanding into is the smart home speaker market.

Amazon is supposedly working on a Siri-powered speaker, and according to a new report, it's now in production. Earlier this month, Apple's senior V.P. of Marketing Phil Schiller said that he wasn't a fan of Amazon Echo or Google Home because they lacked screens. That includes virtual surround sound, in addition to speakers that are both louder and that "reproduce sound more crisply" than what's already on the market.

Note that this is not the same as what Amazon or Google are offering developers.

Siri already exists in iPhones, iPads and Apple's MacOS, though many people's experience with the smart assistant is reportedlyy underwhelming.

The only announcement Apple is certain to make at the show is iOS 11, the next version of its mobile operating system, Munster said. If this turns out true, then this will be the first brand new device release by the Cupertino-based company since the launch of the Apple Watch. Aside from that, it can also reproduce sound more crisply.

Bloomberg also said the speaker will include "virtual surround sound", a feature which isn't now available on either the Amazon Echo or Google Home and which could offer music fans improved sound quality and an all round better listening experience.

If Apple doesn't bring anything new and innovative to the table, there are really slim chances it could win the smart speaker war.

Deep integration with Apple's product lineup is on the cards though, unsurprisingly, with Bloomberg reporting that HomeKit support will enable users to control their IoT gadgets such as light bulbs and door locks.

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