John Oliver Digs Into Trump's Empty Rhetoric On Reviving The Coal Industry

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Giugno 19, 2017

Oliver did say, though, that coal mines are central to the economies of the few cities in which they are located.

President Donald Trump's pledge to revive America's struggling coal industry is doomed to join the list of other broken campaign promises - like listing China as a currency manipulator, to releasing his tax returns, and pledging to support medical marijuana. Since taking office, Scott Pruitt - Trump's EPA Administrator - has claimed that the administration has created approximately 50,000 jobs in the coal industry. But on Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver argued that the billionaire mogul preyed on communities desperate for hope as their industry dies out. "The point here is Trump needs to stop lying to coal miners". The ultimate goal, the host argued, should be transitioning these workers into suitable alternative fields - especially given the growth in renewable energies, like wind and solar.

Oliver then went on to call out Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruit, who bragged on NBC's "Meet The Press" that the administration was responsible for adding "almost 50,000 jobs in the coal sector" since "the fourth quarter of previous year". "They don't have 'it, '" Trump said. "They certainly don't have what Trump has, specifically inherited wealth and hair like the wispy pubes of an aging yeti", Oliver responded. "Stop telling them that their jobs are all coming back when they're not, stop telling them that coal is clean when it isn't, and stop pretending that this isn't an industry in the middle of a hard and painful, albeit necessary transition". Murray's lawyers sent Oliver a cease and desist letter prior to the show airing. "An honest conversation about coal and its miners needs to be had, and we should neither cease nor desist from having it". Oliver went into accusations against Murray Energy, including employee safety and a mine collapse in 1997. Playing off an apocryphally folksy Murray Energy tale about a talking squirrel being the impetus for Bob Murray's mining business, Oliver brought out his own giant squirrel mascot and asserted that he, indeed, agrees with the company's response that that whole talking squirrel thing never, ever happened.

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