United States troops injured in attack by rogue Afghan soldier

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Giugno 19, 2017

An Afghan soldier is alleged to have fired inside a military compound in northern Afghanistan and injured about seven USA troops.

The U.S. soldiers wounded in the attack were evacuated for treatment, military officials said. In that case Mujahid claimed that the shooter was a Taliban loyalist who infiltrated the army specifically to seek out opportunities to attack foreign soldiers. At least one Afghan was also killed in the incident, while another was injured.

Insurgent groups like the Taliban and ISIS have launched a string of attacks across Afghanistan in recent weeks.

Camp Shaheen is home to the Afghan army's 209th Corps and was the site of a complex Taliban attack in April that killed more than 130 Afghan soldiers.

Last week three U.S. soldiers were killed by an Afghan soldier in eastern Nangarhar province.

In a war that has now seen its third president, the Pentagon plans to send almost 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan, according to the Washington Post.

Last week, a Taliban infiltrator in the Afghan army shot two USA soldiers dead before being killed.

Unofficial sources said that 25 police and civilians sustained injuries by the attack. The Taliban claimed responsibility for that attack. Since 2001, more than 2,000 American troops have been killed in combat and noncombat roles in the country.

Thousands of global troops remain in the country to train and assist Afghan security forces as well as carry out counter-terrorism missions. US troops accused their Afghan allies of "pervasive illicit drug use, massive thievery, personal instability, dishonesty, no integrity, incompetence, unsafe weapons handling, corrupt officers. high AWOL rates, bad morale, laziness (and) repulsive hygiene". The gunman - an Afghan - had been shot and killed, the spokesman said. More than 2,000 US troops have died of both combat and noncombat causes in the country since 2001.

The NATO-led mission said it has opened an investigation.

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