Expect President Trump to Serve 8 Year in the Oval Office

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Giugno 20, 2017

But he hired a thoroughly ideological Republican staff that did - including deputy independent counsel Hick Ewing, a former U.S. Attorney in Memphis renowned for his right-wing fundamentalist zeal; and deputy independent counsel Jackie Bennett, a former federal prosecutor in south Texas, where he pursued cases against Democratic officeholders with mixed success and came to be known as "the Thug".

Gingrich now says that unlike Clinton, Trump is the subject of a 'witch hunt'. I've had college students say they've been threatened with getting beaten up, some of them get death threats.

During his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee last Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey said Sessions may have met for a third, undisclosed time, with Amb. "They're out looking for a couple scalps, and they're not going to go home until they get some".

Recently, with reports that Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice, Gingrich came out and said the president can not obstruct justice, despite voting to impeach Bill Clinton over obstruction of justice while in Congress.

Gingrich also questioned the integrity of an investigation that involves special counsel Robert Mueller, but appeared to contradict himself on the investigation.

"I don't think that tweet helped him", Gingrich said.

Right before this exchange, Whoopi began grilling Gingrich in a ludicrous fashion to try to call him out in a gotcha moment. "As a historian, I just don't believe it".

Gingrich has been one of Trump's most vocal supporters.

Gingrich, a Trump ally and confidant, said he met with Trump in January 2015 and they talked about how much a presidential race would cost - with competitive estimates running to as much as $80 million.

Mueller has reportedly for the federal investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, and plans to hire more.

"He is infuriated, and legitimately, in my judgment, by this whole Russian baloney".

"Everybody on the left has been walking around town chanting, 'watch for the Russian connection, watch for the Russian connection, look for the collusion, '" Gingrich said. "And notice how it's evolving?"

During an interview on CNN's "State of the Union", Jay Sekulow, a member of Trump's legal team, insisted the president "is not under investigation", despite the Washington Post's anonymously sourced allegations and Trump's Friday tweet in which he said, "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!"

Apparently it's the path of righteousness and truth to investigate the president when the president is a Democrat and an indiscriminate Indian hunting party from the Old West hell bent on destruction when the president is a Republican.

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