Lucy Hale Upsets Followers With "Fat" Comment About Herself

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Giugno 20, 2017

One: The way she labeled herself "fat" (and used "ugh") could trigger negative connotations with the word.

The Pretty Little Liar posted a throwback pic on Instagram Sunday in which she said her dad taught her "to have soul". "I love you daddy". You weren't, and even if you were, who cares?

"Another noted: "@lucyhale WHY would you call yourself fat? "How many young girls follow you, and have now seen this? Joking or not, you should be aware if your audience and recognize that kids look up to you and when trying to emulate you they could possibly be looking in the mirror saying, 'ugh, I'm so fat, '" another added.

"As a public figure you shouldn't be commenting on how fat you were specially when you look like a stick", one comment says. Lucy looks great at any body size, but there is no need to use language that tears down women who are thin, curvy, or in between.

Other fans came to Lucy's defence, telling people to not be so quick to pass judgement on Lucy's remarks, as she has the right to feel however she wants about her body, and people don't know what she has been through. She can't act like she has a flawless life just because she's famous and has fans. "I don't think she was trying to say that if you're fat, you're ugly or something like that".

Of course, Lucy Hale is human, and we can't discredit her insecurities-we all have them.

Sure, while Luce is 100% entitled to feel however she wants about her body, celebrities and influencers should be especially considerate about how they talk address body image issues online.

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