Trump proposes installing solar panels on the wall near Mexican border

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Giugno 25, 2017

"We are glad to hear that the president appreciates the many benefits of solar energy", Dan Whitten, SEIA's vice president of communications, said in a statement.

Moreover, the billionaire also promised that he would force Mexico to pay for the erection of the structure, but Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto did not support this proposal. He said factoring in equipment and development costs, the solar project would add an additional $7.6 billion to Trump's $20 billion border wall.

According to him, solar panels could produce cheap energy and help to pay for the construction of the wall. But he told his audience Wednesday that the U.S. -Mexico border is one of the rare places that "solar really does work" because of the sun and heat. "We will BUILD THE WALL!" Trump said at the rally, framing the plan as "my idea". However, Democrats and even most Republicans reportedly doubt that the wall will ever be built.

In the same 24 hour window that he nearly turned his border wall into something. if not exactly a good idea, then definitely facing in the direction where good ideas come from. when he announced that he planned on making the U.S. -Mexico wall out of solar panels.

They said a 2,000-mile solar wall could cost less than $1 billion, instead of tens of billions for a traditional border wall, and possibly become "wildly profitable".

The government has selected the finalists for contracts to build wall prototypes in San Diego and is expected to announce the winners soon.

Bloomberg also quoted Cowen analyst Jeff Osborne as saying said the mere fact that Trump mentioned solar in positive terms is probably giving solar stocks a boost.

United Nations figures cited by Mexico show that the number of homicides in the country - recorded as 26,037 in 2012 - is the highest in Central America.

Trump appeared to refer to a report released May 9 by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, which concluded that criminal violence in Mexico had reached "a level akin to armed conflict".

"We're thinking of something that's unique, we're talking about the southern border".

Despite Mr. Trump's claim that the solar wall was his idea, sketches and blueprints of a solar wall have circulated online in recent months.

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