Tony Blair says Brexit must be stopped to halt harm to UK

Cornelia Mascio
Luglio 15, 2017

He also emphasized the importance of the single market and why Britain should stay in it, saying that doing so would mean "the economic damage of Brexit will be limited".

European Union (EU) leaders would be prepared to be flexible on freedom of movement of people to accommodate the United Kingdom after Brexit, according to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"Our savings ratio is at the lowest for 50 years, the investment community internationally has now gone really negative on us, our currency's down 10-12%, investment in the motor vehicle industry, for example, is down 30%, living standards are stagnating".

The only reason it is not on the table is because the Tories fear old internal wounds would be reopened if Brexit does not happen, he said.

"Rational consideration of the options would sensibly include the option of negotiating for Britain to stay within a Europe itself prepared to reform and meet us half way", he wrote in an article for his Institute for Global Change.

He had kinder words for current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying that the June election result was "remarkable".

The campaign's co-chair Richard Tice said: "The former prime minister believes that freedom of movement is the only issue with the EU".

The former Prime Minister claims he has held talks with leaders about how the United Kingdom could stay "within a reformed Europe".

A year ago the European Union rejected all but the smallest of concessions asked for by David Cameron, but Mr Blair suggests President Macron's election in France has changed the "political dynamics".

"Inevitably, therefore, Europe will comprise an inner and outer circle".

"The European leaders, certainly from my discussions, are willing to consider changes to accommodate Britain, including around freedom of movement. Yet this option is excluded", the former Prime Minister added.

"On any basis, leaving is complex and will take years".

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