Australia seeks to expand role of military in domestic terror threats

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Luglio 17, 2017

Under current laws, domestic police can only call on the defence force if it is believed that police capability or capacity to respond has been exceeded.

The system also only allows the ADF to be deployed if the governor-general signs off on a request from the prime minister, attorney-general and defence minister, who all have to agree state forces are incapable of properly responding.

"Our enemies are agile and innovative".

"We have to ensure that every resource we have legislative, military, police, intelligence, security is always at the highest standard and able to be brought to bear to keep Australians safe".

Turnbull said the law must be changed that requires state and territory governments to exhaust their capacity to respond to domestic terror events before they can ask for military help, reports The Guardian.

"The key thing we need is the most flexible possible arrangements - the threat's changed very significantly", Justice Minister Michael Keenan told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Monday.

"What we want to be able to do - and this is consistent with the constitution - is be in a position where a state government ... can come to the conclusion that there is a special ... niche assistance ... required [then] it can be readily called upon and deployed".

Although police were absolved of blame during a 2014 Sydney cafe seige, in which two hostages and the gunman were killed, an inquest found authorities had underestimated the threat of the hostage taker and recommended a review of several procedures.

A series of worldwide security incidents, in particular the central Sydney cafe siege in December 2014 in which two hostages were killed, prompted the measures, said Greene.

Labor's Defence spokesman, Mr Marles, questioned the way the soldiers were used in the Prime Minister's announcement.

The government will also make changes to the act to make it easier for the ADF to support the police response, such as the ability to prevent suspected terrorists from leaving the scene of an incident.

Certain state police teams would get specialist SAS training and could even have military personnel embedded to improve communications between the agencies.

SOLDIERS may be placed within police forces to help with Australian Defence Force liaison.

THE legal process to "call out" the ADF streamlined.

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