Daniil Kvyat disputes penalty, Carlos Sainz Jr. remains tight-lipped

Brunilde Fioravanti
Luglio 17, 2017

"This should not have happened today". Rejoining the track, the Russian, still struggling to control his vehicle, hit that of his teammate, eliminating the Spaniard on the spot.

"I knew already that I wouldn't be on the flawless line for Turn 12, where the collision happened", said Kvyat after the race, "because you're committed to the corner very fast".

"I believe between racing driver and racing driver, not normal people and journalists, [but] a racing driver knows when he sees what happens to me, that you're never going to be at a flawless line for Turn 12". So when you put yourself there, you know the collision is 90 per cent unavoidable.

"If the other vehicle had been more anticipating of things, he would have tried to get me back on the next straight".

"But it didn't happen".

"But it didn't happen, he just put himself there, and say to your team-mate "OK, you can crash into me". We should both feel responsible for what happened. It's a bit of a shame.

Sainz Jr. was repeatedly asked about the incident during his post-race media session but declined to offer his full opinion.

"I think the images speak for themselves so I'm not going to comment".

Asked by Motorsport.com to describe the incident, he said: "We were battling, giving each other quite a lot of room, going into the fast corners, until one vehicle lost control and hit the other one".

"I don't want to generate any polemics as I think the team has enough with two cars crashing out in the first lap to now have someone talking about the other one".

It is the third time in four races Kvyat has acquired penalty points on his superlicence bringing him up to a total of nine for the 12 month period. The penalties come just a week after the incident in Austria which saw the Toro Rosso driver involved in an first corner incident which eliminated Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso.

"I don't expect anything to change", said Kvyat.

He added that the penalty was too harsh and said: "The punishment was for leaving the track and re-joining unsafely, but I didn't leave the track - me and the team agreed on that".

Asked if he believed the stewards were punishing him in particular, he said: "I believe so". A drive-through is a drive-through, it's extremely strong.

"I saw stronger incidents and they punish five or 10 seconds [added to] the pitstop". My race is damaged, his race is damaged, and they penalise me.

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