Macron reiterates France's responsibility in WW2 mass round-up of Jews

Paola Ditto
Luglio 17, 2017

Thirteen thousand Jewish citizens of France were arrested during the Vel d'Hiv roundup in July 1942, as part of the Nazi effort to eradicate French Jewry.

Macron condemned an attack last week that killed two Israeli police officers at a Jerusalem shrine revered by Jews and Muslims.

French far-right leaders, including Marine Le Pen, have long argued that the collaborationist Vichy regime did not represent the French state, but Macron dismissed those claims. "Barbarity is here on the street corner", he said, apparently referring to attacks on Jews by young men of immigrant origin. Almost 13,000 Jews were gathered and then deported to Auschwitz concentration camp in Germany in July 1942.

The French Jewish Union for Peace said it was "shocked" Netanyahu was invited to commemorate a "Franco-French crime against humanity" and claiming it was something France needed to come to terms with on its own - without creating from it worldwide diplomacy.

French president Emmanuel Macron says his glamorous Paris charm offensive on Donald Trump might have changed the United States president's mind about climate change.

In 1995, former French president Jacques Chirac formally apologized for the "irreparable act" carried out by the collaboration of "French police agents and gendarmes, acting under the authority of their leaders", in the roundup.

French President Emmanuel Macron said his defense chief has no choice but to agree with what he says, a weekly newspaper reported on Sunday, after his top general criticized spending cuts to this year's budget.

Fewer than 100 of those who were detained at the so-called Vel d'Hiv and then sent to the Nazi death camps survived.

Mr. Macron's comments came during a period of resurgent anti-Semitism in France, fueled by right-wing nationalism and by fundamentalist Islam. "It seems that the values of the French Revolution - liberty, equality and fraternity - these values were crushed, crushed brutally under the boot of anti-Semitism". "We can not build pride upon a lie".

Netanyahu held talks with Macron for the first time since the French president's election, barely a week after Macron met Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

He called for a thorough investigation into the recent killing of a Parisian woman believed to be linked to anti-Jewish sentiment.

The Israeli prime minister, who said he discussed the issue with French President Emmanuel Macron during his meeting with him earlier on Sunday, stressed that "Israel is aware of Iran's expansionist goals in Syria". "We must stand against them together and defeat them together".

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