Macron: Trump may seek solution on climate change

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Luglio 17, 2017

We can't think of a more ideal example than this weekend when we spotted Reebok's response to the remarks Donald Trump made regarding Brigitte Macron's appearance (the wife of French President, Emmanuel Macron) last week.

Speaking during a joint news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump called Donald Trump Jr.

Trump also insulted his Republican rival Carly Fiorina during the race, suggesting she was too unattractive to run the country.

In a moment captured on Facebook Live during Trump's visit to Paris, he can be seen giving French first lady Brigitte, a once-over before saying, "You know, you're in such great shape. handsome".

For the record, Trump's remark to Brigitte Macron was not the first time he reportedly made such an unsolicited remark about a woman's appearance in a professional or official setting.

Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron shared another prolonged handshake. "And if we get that, and a few more, all of a sudden you're going to have no bullets being fired in Syria".

Nevertheless, she advised wouldn't be offering commentary on Mr Trump's conversations with the French president or his wife.

Last night, Bishop raised an eyebrow over the cringeworthy comments, speculating: "I wonder if she could say the same of him?". And I think that for Donald Trump, there is a kind of relationship between father and son, even if it seems unusual to think of it from the president of the United States toward the president of the French Republic.

For good measure, Trump's press secretary subsequently mangled Turnbull's name. Getting the U.S. President to reverse his pledge to pull out of the Paris climate accord might be asking for too much.

Trump's administration has since said it will only honour the deal to maintain a strong relationship with Australia, and then only on condition that the refugees satisfied strict checks.

It was the fact that people are still age shaming France's First Lady, and telling her what "age-appropriate" clothing to wear.

"The Donald and I, we are winning and winning and winning in the polls", he said.

Trump sat between his wife and Macron on the presidential viewing stand, an overhang shading them from the baking sun.

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