Super Smash Bros. Mod Team Reveals Its Own (Familiar) Fighting Game

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Luglio 17, 2017

While Evo 2017 is going full swing in Las Vegas, a trailer revealed the official dates and games lineup for Evo Japan 2018, the debut of a Japanese league and the debut of the first Arms tournament sponsored by Nintendo.

As seen below in the gameplay reveal trailer for Icons: Combat Arena, the free-to-play platform fighter is basically Super Smash Bros.

Sign-ups for the open beta are now open on the Icons website, with the incentive of an exclusive in-game skin for players that opt in.

Guilty Gear Xrd, King of Fighters 14 and BlazBlue: Central Fiction will also be included, as will Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Super Smash Bros Melee, the beloved GameCube iteration in the series, has been dropped. Brawl conversion Project M, which aimed to make the game more like its predecessor Melee and appeal to the competitive crowd. Ultimately, it was canceled a couple of years ago by the team for undisclosed reasons.

Needless to say, the game's.striking similarity to Smash Bros has already raised a few eyebrows. For example, Icons features classic Smash Bros. moves like the edge hang, wavedash, and others.

But YouTube comments are hardly the place to go for serious discussions about the game, and Icons: Combat Arena is having much better luck with the game's Twitter and Subreddit where more content can be seen, such as reassuring gifs like this one. As of now, many are attributing its reveal trailer to that of a Chinese Rip-Off of Smash. With any luck, Wavedash Games will be able to tweak the title to the fans' liking following the upcoming beta.

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