Jamie Carragher insists signing Virgil van Dijk won't solve Liverpool's defensive woes

Paola Ditto
Agosto 12, 2017

Liverpool fans were left with their heads in the hands when the half-time whistle was blown at Vicarage Road this afternoon.

Chiming in, Jamie Redknapp then suggests they need to sign Southampton defender Virgil Van Dijk, who has been heavily linked with the club.

Former Liverpool captain Jamie Carragher believes that Romelu Lukaku's addition at Manchester United will embolden their title challenge this season.

However, Carragher disagreed: "On set pieces it's not about the defenders". But instead, his colleague reacted very badly, arguing that one player wouldn't be able to sort this mess out.

"Nothing changes, what have they done pre-season?"

"Liverpool are a shambles, all over the place", Carragher said on Sky Sports after 45 minutes. What have they worked on?

Redknapp said: "I look at that Liverpool back four and there's a reason why they concede so many goals because they're disorganised and they have no leaders at the back".

"But I don't care how good a centre-back, getting exposed on counter-attacks, you've got to cover the full width of the pitch, it's nearly impossible".

"One man won't change Liverpool's defence. Nothing changes. What have we done pre-season?"

"I think Lukaku will get goals for them, especially in the games where they dropped points, at home against weaker opposition". Carragher was in the process of saying, before Redknapp interrupted him.

"I think Manchester United will be in there, they didn't make the top four past year but I think they will with the additions that they've made", he said.

"You've got Firmino there", Carragher countered.

He added: "You need people that want to head the ball". There's talk about Van Dijk coming in, yeah okay he's a good player, but it's from the side of the pitch, it's the way Liverpool set up.

"Whether it's zonal marking, the players he puts in certain positions, the positions of the full-backs in general play are far too high and wide for me, which gets centre-backs exposed".

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