Ready For The Solar Eclipse? Here's How To View It Safely

Rodiano Bonacci
Agosto 12, 2017

"It now appears that some companies are printing the ISO logo and certification label on fake eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers made with materials that do not block enough of the Sun's ultraviolet, visible, and infrared radiation to make them truly safe", AAS explained on its website. When a total solar Eclipse is the Sun you can see the so-called crown.

To Fienberg, who oversaw the vetting of eclipse viewers for the American Astronomical Society (AAS), this was further evidence of a worrisome trend: Consumers may find it hard to tell the difference between genuine protective gear and fake ones that could result in eye injuries. This occurs when the Earth passes between the sun and the Moon.

Solar eclipses aren't new or especially mysterious to grid operators. Or perhaps you're someone who has to sit this one out at work and wait for the next solar eclipse in 2024.

But when totality hits on August 21, scientists will know exactly how much solar radiation is blocked, the area of land it is blocked over and for how long. I'm also excited about seeing the sun's corona - the outermost atmosphere of the sun, which is visible only during the total solar eclipse. It is estimated that over 12m Americans live in the path of the total eclipse itself and another 200m people within a day's drive of it.

What happens during an eclipse?

Rane, who will be on a boat somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Charleston, North Carolina, in the path of totality on the morning of August 21, said viewers in Inglewood and the South Bay can expect to see the moon covering about two-thirds of the sun at the peak of the eclipse.

Looking directly at the sun, even when it is partially covered by the moon, can cause serious eye damage or blindness. If you miss this eclipse, you may have to wait until the year 2045 to see another.

The viewing event will take place rain or shine, and even if there's still smoke in the air. This is a rare Earth event.

So how do we see the eclipse safely? Also, pinhole cameras can be used to shield your eyes from the sun. Total eclipses also provide us with an unprecedented opportunity to examine our own planet under quite unusual conditions. For example, the California grid operator has daily experience managing solar output as the sun rises and sets, compensating for diminished sunlight by increasing the output from other sources. During the eclipse, trees will create myriad, shimmering images of the sun in eclipse.

Usually, the moon's shadow misses the Earth because the moon's orbit is on a 5-degree tilt compared with the earth's orbit.

The solar eclipse occurs when the sun, the moon and the Earth forms a straight line.

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