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Cornelia Mascio
Agosto 13, 2017

The Tesla Model 3 has officially begun rolling off the assembly line, but the vehicle will see a staggered launch. Musk offhandedly dismissed concerns about Tesla Model 3 cancellations - orders now stand at about 455,000 compared to Musk's proclamations to the press of about 513,000 preorders - as inconsequential and that original numbers were "just a guess".

Tesla delivered the first 30 Model 3s to employees at the end of July. By selling bonds now, Musk can raise cash for Model 3 production without diluting equity holders. Sharing underpinnings with that auto means the Model Y is likely to have a similar range, which is officially pegged at 220 miles, or 320 miles with the long-range battery pack - although battery technology may have moved on by the time the Model Y launches, bringing with it commensurate increase in range.

In addition to being the co-founder and CEO of electric vehicle company Tesla, Musk was co-founder of PayPal.

Tesla has revealed little about the Model Y. The company says it will arrive in 2019 or 2020, although the date is apparently not firm. Such a feat could bring along with it unexpected detours and delays. They were asked about the status of their relationship at the time, but said nothing with Musk telling reporters about his love of Nutella-filled pastries instead.

Fortunately for Musk, investors can't seem to shower his ambitions with too much money.

Tesla’s “full self-driving capability” option on its website
Tesla’s “full self-driving capability” option on its website

Musk went on to thank his executive team from stopping him "from being a fool".

One of the concerns about Model 3 was that it would cannibalize sales of Tesla's Model S and Model X. After all, the Model S and X's starting prices are about double the Model 3's starting prices. Currently, the official record for the Model S is at 497 miles (800 km), which is still short of the 621-mile goal.

As the update was not yet available at the time, Tesla posted disclaimers on its dealership sites so that potential buyers would be aware that the self-driving feature isn't automatic on many Tesla vehicles. In fact, this has turned out to be the opposite situation.

Is Tesla's (TSLA) junk debt in demand? Tesla has said all-wheel drive will become available in the future. Elon Musk will keep burning through cash to ramp up production, which will likely require more bond issues in the coming months.

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