North Korea threatens attack on Guam by mid-August

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Agosto 13, 2017

This week saw a dramatic escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korea has made no secret its plans to develop a nuclear-tipped missile able to strike the United States and has ignored global calls to halt its nuclear and missile programs. Since then, North Korea has conducted a torrent of missile tests and two nuclear tests, boosting its efforts to make nuclear weapons small enough to fit on long-range missiles. "I think they probably have 60 missiles with nuclear weapons on them", he says.

A PAC-3 Patriot missile unit is seen deployed in the compound of Defense Ministry in Tokyo, Thursday, Aug 10, 2017.

Andersen Air Force Base hosts a Navy helicopter squadron and Air Force bombers that rotate to Guam from the USA mainland.

Keeping up the tough talk Thursday from his New Jersey golf resort where he is on a working vacation, Trump warned Kim Jong Un's government to "get their act together" or face extraordinary trouble, and suggested his threat on Tuesday to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea was too mild. Trump's comments, however, do not appear to be backed by significant military mobilization on either side of the Pacific, and an important, quiet diplomatic channel remains open.

"We're told to keep calm and that we're well-protected, but the reality is we could be here today and gone tomorrow", she said.

Guam is roughly 2,131 miles away from North Korea, making it the closest piece of US territory to the Asian country. "Some number of which can reach the United States". The advances were detailed in an official Japanese assessment and later a Washington Post story that cited USA intelligence officials and a confidential Defense Intelligence Agency report.

The U.S. set up the Naval Station in Guam in 1899, designating the whole island as a base.

Still, Bermudez, said, North Korea is "on track" to figure it out.

He says days of grave threats to the communist country's leader, Kim Jong Un, would be welcomed as "a great statement" if "somebody else" uttered them. "But that's something that we see as remote", he added.

But North Korea mentioned a specific missile, the Hwasong-12, that it's only tested once, and an expert contacted by Business Insider says hitting the U.S. military in Guam would be easier said than done.

Mr Tillerson said: "Americans should sleep well at night". It is important that the USA does not push North Korea into a dead end so they feel they are left with no options. The exchange of aggressive rhetoric may unnecessarily intensify tensions and lead to the outbreak of unanticipated situations.

As tension escalated this week between the United States and North Korea, the world turned its attention to the US territory of Guam, which North Korean state media reported had become the target of a retaliatory attack. "What we're hopeful is that this pressure campaign (including sanctions), which the entire world now has joined us in, and with the engagement of China and Russian Federation, two of North Korea's closest neighbors - that they can begin to persuade the regime that they needed to reconsider the current pathway they're on and think about engaging in a dialogue about a different future". She called on the U.N. Security Council to continue to address the issue.

"No one, not even the North Koreans, knows the CEP of the HS-12", said Mike Elleman, the senior fellow for missile defense at the International Institute for Strategic Studies told Business Insider, referring circular error probable, or the distance by which a missile can be expected to miss its target.

South Korea's military also said it was prepared for swift action with respect to North Korea's moves.

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