21 dead in intense Bulacan drug raids

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Agosto 16, 2017

Caramat Jr. said 67 police operations in various parts of Bulacan province Tuesday left 32 suspects killed in encounters with police, while 109 others were arrested.

Reports said 32 drug suspects were killed and more than a hundred were arrested after the police launched raids on several towns in Bulacan.

"Arresting officers claimed they were met with armed resistance while conducting the said enforcement operations", Abella said, noting the operations coincided with Bulacan's 439th anniversary celebration.

Chief Supt. Aaron Aquino, director of the Central Luzon regional police, said the operations also resulted in the arrest of at least 64 other illegal drugs personalities and the confiscation of 21 firearms and some 100 grams of shabu.

Spokesmen for the Bulacan police could not be contacted for comment.

The President said he would also welcome the new set of drug personalities who will be killed in the next anti-drug operation, in a bid to reduce the number of individuals involved in illicit drugs.

This is the highest number of drug users killed in a single day by police since President Rodrigo Duterte launched his anti-drug campaign past year.

Abella said the series of anti-drug operations in Bulacan coincided with the province's 439th foundation day.

Duterte promised during the campaign he would win his drug war in three to six months, a vow that resonated with voters fed up with high crime rates and corrupt politicians.

Government figures show that since Duterte took office past year up to July 26, a total of 3,451 "drug personalities" have been killed in police operations.

Western governments and human rights groups have widely criticised the killings and have called for an end to what they suspect are extrajudicial murders related to the anti-drug campaign.

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