Aaron Rodgers Is So Over Olivia Munn!

Paola Ditto
Agosto 16, 2017

It looks like Aaron Rodgers is officially dating again, if sightings of the National Football League player dining out with soccer player Marie Margolius are any indication.

On Sunday, Rodgers was spotted with former soccer player Marie Margolious at The East Pole in New York City enjoying a dinner date.

"They arrived at around 10p.m. and seemed to be on a date".

"It definitely seemed like he wanted to be incognito, ' the insider said, noting that the All-Pro signal-caller 'asked for the quietest, most out-of-the-way table possible" and 'wore a baseball cap. "His hat was tilted down. His arm wasn't around her, but it was stretched out on top of the booth behind her", an insider reportedly told Us Weekly.

For their dinner, Rodgers ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a glass of Malbec, while Margolius opted for monkfish and pinot noir. We're told they ended the evening by sipping espresso and strolling together down the street. At 33, Rodgers is almost a decade older than the 24-year-old Margolius, but it's her anonymity that may appeal to him most. She's 24, graduated from Harvard two years ago and played professional soccer in Sweden, Page Six reported.

Prior to Rodgers stepping out with Margolius, of course, he dated Munn for three years before the couple went their separate ways in the spring of this year. And, hey, it's apparently no sweat off of ex Olivia Munn's back - a source told Us Weekly that "Olivia couldn't care less about Aaron dating someone new". The relationship wasn't without controversy, as sources often cited it as the reason for Rodgers' rift with his family.

It was reported in June that Rodgers still wasn't talking to his family after a rift developed over Munn. Since the breakup with Munn, Rodgers was spotted with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Kelly Rohrbach, but friends of Rohrbach said Rodgers was just a friend.

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