'Game of Thrones': What That Sansa, Arya, Littlefinger Letter Is All About

Brunilde Fioravanti
Agosto 18, 2017

Sansa also told Robb to "swear fealty to King Joffrey and prevent any strife" between their houses, as Cersei instructed her to.

'And, he knows full well that with what's going on in Sansa's head with regards to Arya and how unsafe she is, when Arya starts to act risky, and act angry, he knows where Sansa is going to turn'.

How long ago was this letter written?

This is the first time Arya is seeing the letter or even knows of its existence. Cersei Lannister forced her to write that letter, a fact Littlefinger well knows, as he was in the room when Sansa wrote it. All she sees is a letter in Sansa's handwriting saying that their father was a traitor and encouraging Robb to submit to the benevolent rule of Joffrey Baratheon. These were Lannister words placed in the mouth of a Stark to undermine their rebellion. In case you forgot, check out the Season 1 scene below. It was all part of this plan.

While snooping around Littlefinger's bedroom (the most disgusting place in Westeros), Arya finds a scroll that has something to do with Lady Stark.

What was in the letter that Arya found?

Well, first, let's back up. One quick shove later, Littlefinger was Lord of the Vale, commanding a sizable military force and living in an impregnable castle. As for Jaime, he should know by now that there are no secrets from Cersei and she does not make idle threats. The raiding party heading north of the Wall consists of men who have individually crossed paths under negative circumstances, but Jon once again preaches that so long as they are breathing, they are on the same side. What's good for Littlefinger isn't necessarily good for the show, however. Meanwhile, Arya was more of a "tomboy" type who eventually turned into a killer assassin. So with a new wild card in play, Littlefinger had to change the game. "And he knows full well that with what's going on in Sansa's head - with regards to Arya and how risky she is - when Arya starts to act unsafe, and act angry, he knows where Sansa is going to turn", Weiss said. They are literally different people now, reshaped by their experiences.

Much of recorded history has been the story of fathers and sons, with women written down merely as the familial covalent bonds that connected them when they were recorded at all.

Of course, Sansa and Arya have both been through so much since their characters last saw each other.

Obviously, Robb knew the letter wasn't genuine and so did Littlefinger as he was in the room when Sansa wrote it - but Arya most likely doesn't.

But they're still sisters and they're still loyal to each other by default. The Stark sisters have experienced things no princess ever has. "They were anxious the other wouldn't think highly of what they were doing", Shakman tells Newsweek. The Westerosi see Dany as a foreign invader coming to claim their lands, but she knew they would bend the knee the minute she exterminated a powerful house by burning its lord and his heir. Of course, even Gillen admits that his character hasn't had this all planned out since the beginning. The north owes him a debt and his army is vital to all of their plans moving forward. They might not, she says coldly, if they were afraid of losing their heads.

Eager fans struggled to read what the letter says but that's what we are here for at Metro.co.uk.

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