Google announces Android Instant Apps will now work on 500 million devices

Rodiano Bonacci
Agosto 19, 2017

Google has added a countdown timer to the Android O landing page, confirming that Android O's release will coincide with the total solar eclipse in the US.

To recall, a year ago most of us were cheering for "Nutella" instead of "Nougat", but Google took the road less travelled and named the version Nougat, while disappointing Nutella fans. Most importantly, Android 8.0 brings Project Treble to new devices, a modularization of the OS away from the hardware. The list of upcoming devices includes the Galaxy Note 8 (unveiling next week), LG V30 (days later), and Google's Pixel 2 phones (shortly thereafter).

To give you a better idea, you can purchase stuff on Amazon Instant App without installing the app. Google is tying the two together with the launch of a new site counting down to the two events. Could it mean that along with live streaming of the historic natural phenomenon, Google would also go ahead and introduce Android O and its super powers to the world? Users can also long press on the apps for shortcuts.

Android Instant Apps now have more than 50 apps that support the features. This saves OEMs from worrying about updating drivers and hardware-specific tools in each update.

However, to make it even more believable that the makers of Android Oreo were hiding something, Google took down the promo video and replaced it with the same one, only this time with a different files name, "OctopusTeaser.mp4". Ars Technica reckons that the Web giant will start pushing the new operating system to at least Pixel and Pixel XL devices on Monday, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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